Over the last few months Pebbles and I have been test driving a few products and I finally have a minute to share them all with you.

Before I start, I need to let you know I was gifted a sample of these products to try, but I wouldn’t be sharing my thoughts with you if I didn’t feel I could give you an honest appraisal.

The Caboo DX Carrier


I spotted this little gem on You and Baby and couldn’t wait to try it out. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that Pebbles and I love baby wearing. She loves being close and I need my hands free to wrangle the boys! Being upright in a carrier is also good for her reflux and great for getting jobs done like shopping, school drop off, oh and walking along the beach ;)

The Caboo DX offers the comfort of soft carrier with the support of a structured carrier. It comes as two pieces – the “hammock” (harness) and the outside pod which covers bub for extra support. This short video shows how it all works.

It took us a little practice to get it right, but I’ve found that to be the case with any carrier I’ve tried. I think this is because I’m left handed and generally a little uncoordinated!! I have also just used the hammock without the pod to carry Pebbles for a short time, ensuring I have a hand spare to keep her supported.

Things I love about this carrier:

- Comfort! I’ve found this to be more comfortable than any other carrier I’ve tried. Wearing it for long periods is not an issue at all. Pebbles must find it comfortable as well as she always falls asleep in the Caboo (bonus!)

- Machine washable – a big plus when you are carrying around Princess Chucky.

- Compact. I leave the Caboo in the car so it’s handy all the time. The hammock folds up neatly in the pod.

- Easy to tighten/adjust with the ring pulls.

Pebbles & I Cabooing in the coffee aisle ;)

Pebbles & I Cabooing in the coffee aisle ;)

You can read more about the features of the Caboo Dx at You and Baby where it is currently on special for a bargain $66!


Treasures Nappies


When the boys were little there was very little choice in the disposable nappy department, particularly if you wanted a reliable night time nappy. The leading brand was expensive but the competition didn’t stack up. However, this time around I’ve been impressed at the range, quality and affordability of competitors on the market. Consequently, when I was asked to trial Treasures Nappies I jumped at the chance.

Treasures are a New Zealand brand and have been around for the last 30 years, priding themselves on their quality and absorbency. New to the Australian market and available at IGA stores, Treasures tick all the boxes for me. They are affordable, starting at $9.99 a pack and have great absorbency, making them an ideal night nappy. We have had no issues with nappy rash or leakage. An added bonus for me is the cute designs! After all, who can get grumpy at a change-time escape artist who has Hairy Maclary on their bum?

Lucky she's cute

Lucky she’s cute



Choopie CityGrips


Choopie was established by a mum in New York with the aim to “ create innovative, affordable and stylish products that make life easier and brighter for
parents“. My kind of company!

I test drove the Choopie CityGrips, which are essentially sweatbands for your stroller or pram. They come in a great range of designs and colours, are easy to attach and fully washable. I’ve found them a great little creature comfort for my pram, especially with the recent heat wave we’ve been experiencing.

Choopie also have the CityHook which is a nifty way of carrying those extra bags of groceries.

Just remember that this is an American company so dollars are USD, however shipping is extremely reasonable at only $5.39!


Close Parent Dribble Bibs

Close Parent Dribble Bibs

Reflux, teething, baby-led weaning. What do these three things have in common? MESS! Pebbles’ bib drawer is as full as her clothes drawer but I’m considering throwing the rest out since I discovered these Dribble Bibs. They are the most absorbent bib I’ve ever come across.

With cute as designs and colours and a handy adjustable strap length, these are a must have for us. The new style is also reversible and comes in a feeding bib too! Check them out at You and Baby.


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Today is the eve of our big move. Yesterday we had the pre-settlement inspection for the sale of our house. We showed the buyer how to use the pool pump, the tank set up and how the solar works. It all seemed a bit like a business transaction. Which I guess it is.

But it also kind of feels like we are giving these strangers a big part of ourselves. We are giving them part of our history – our first family home.

This is what I really wanted to say to them….

DSCN0633Dear Newbies,

Congratulations on your new home!

It’s a cracker, I can assure you. How exciting that it’s your first. It was our first too. Our first of lots of things actually…

At 21 years young, it was the first and only house for sale we looked at. As soon as we walked in the door we were sold. We fell in love with the big brick fireplace, the timber panelled walls and the raked ceilings. Sure, the red bathroom was a bit out there and it had zero storage, but the block was big, there was a pool and it felt like home immediately.

That was a long time ago and you probably wouldn’t recognize the place if you saw pictures of how it was, at least from the outside. The Man has put his heart and soul into this place. We’ve added a deck, the rumpus, the carport and the huge rock retaining wall. The place has also been rendered, fenced and landscaped.


Of course, we’ve also recently had the bathroom renovated, so recently in fact, I have only had one swim in that massive tub! I fought for that bathroom for the better part of 12 years. I think you’ll agree it was worth the wait.

Yes, 12 years we’ve been here. Almost to the day of settlement in fact. We took possession on 21st March, 2002. Boy, has a lot happened since then.

These four walls hold so many memories; parties, planning a wedding, bringing home babies, fights, celebrations, sadness and pure joy.

Would you believe that still I remember the exact spot I was standing on in the hallway when my doctor rang to say I was pregnant with the Wilful One?

Actually, it’s very close to the spot that I was standing when my mum told me that my grandfather had passed. Maybe there’s something about that hallway?

I will miss so many things. Like the view out of the kitchen window, looking over the pool and into the bush out the back.

The lounge room where we used to “camp out” on the floor and watch movies in front of the fire.

The huge bottle tree that shades the front yard.

Bottle tree

I’ll even miss the ridiculously long toilet cubicle which everyone comments on. It is the perfect length to lay down in when you are sick and can’t move far from the bowl.

I really do hope you get as much joy out of this place as we have.

I hope you get a giggle from the sound of frogs hopping across the tin roof at night (even if they are sometimes being chased by the resident tree snake).

I hope you experience sheer wonderment watching the kingfisher swoop and dive in the pool, catching bugs for his breakfast or as the miner birds get chased by the kookaburras.

Most of all, I really do hope you make many special memories here, just as we have.

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The baby is crying

the boys scream and shout

The father keeps huffing

and puffing about.

The dog is dementing

he barks at thin air

The kids keep on fighting

with yells of “not fair!”

Mum’s head really hurts

more coffee required

Sleep comes in spurts

yes, everyone’s tired!

As the big move does loom

the stress levels rise

crap in every room

the mum starts to despise.

The boxes are stacking

from floor to the ceiling

No reprieve from the packing

an overwhelming feeling.

But the end is nigh

soon it will all be done

spirits should be high

Sea change here we come!!

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My dearest darling girl,

You are now 5 months old and what a gorgeous doll you are.

Jess 5months

It seems every day you are growing and learning something new. It’s been a big month for milestones. Your bottom two teeth came through at 21 weeks. I’m not sure how I feel about this advanced development. I am still breast feeding you and am not a huge fan of your sharp little toothy pegs!! However, apart from being a little grumpy and a bit unsettled with your day sleeps, you have handled their arrival very well.

You are also on the move! From your first complete roll over at 17 weeks, you haven’t looked back. It has got to the point were I can no longer leave you on the floor and expect to find you in the same place again! You have gone from hating being on your tummy to flipping over as soon as I put you down. You have even started to push yourself around and experiment with pulling your knees up. None of your toys are safe now as you reach for them and put them in your mouth. Different sounds captivate you and your favourite toys at the moment are a cloth book and anything that rattles or has bells. You also love music and hearing people sing. Even my terrible voice!! It’s lucky you don’t understand what I am saying as I often have to make up the words. Even after three babies nursery rhymes are not my forte.

Jess 5months1

The bond between you and the men in our lives grows daily. You let daddy settle you to sleep and love his cuddles almost as much as mine now. As for your big brothers, well, mutual adoration is probably an understatement. I’m so overjoyed at how easily they have accepted you into their lives and hearts. Especially, your biggest brother who dotes on you every second of the day. He soothes you when you are crying in the car or feeling lonely on the mat on the floor and he loves to chat to you.  He also desperately wants to be able to pick you up, but I’m not quite ready for that yet!

Jess & boys Feb14

As for me, darling girl, you are my touchstone. Through all the stress and worry of buying, selling and moving house, being able to stop and take care of your needs grounds me. It forces me to pause, clear my head and refocus. You and your brothers are why we are making this move. And you are worth every ounce of effort it takes.

You are my heart xxx


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I have titled this post as such because that is exactly what it is. A cathartic, chaotic brain-dump with a big fat sorry at the end.

As I sit here amongst a million half packed boxes, I need to quiet all the noise in my head. Tapping it out on a keyboard is the only way I know how to do that.

I thought last year was rough, but only a month and a half in, this year is really giving 2013 a run for its money!

You see, we are moving.  We decided at Christmas that we had talked about it for long enough. We want a lifestyle change – a sea change in fact, and we finally decided on the location. We came home from holidays and sold our house. It was on the market for less the 48 hours.

What followed next was a whirlwind of real estate agents, banks, solicitors, valuers and building inspectors. Unfortunately the whirlwind continues as the house we I had my heart set on purchasing, fell through. Now we have a week to find somewhere else and hope they agree our terms of settlement, otherwise we are homeless and face renting while continuing the hunt. Moving again in six months time is an unattractive prospect, especially with three kids.

So that is what’s been happening. Of course, on top of all that there has been all the other “stuff” that comes with major relocation. Researching schools (a huge stress for me), sourcing packing supplies and storage, oh and in all our spare time, The Man insisted on window-shopping for new furniture for the yet-to-be-secured new house.

Of course, I am also trying to look after a very clingy baby and have come down with a nasty case of treatment-resistant oral thrush. My doctor has also threatened to stab me in the butt with a needle because my iron levels are so low. I gracefully declined her offer!

Now to that sorry. Several sorries actually. I need to apologise to the following:

  •  All my friends and family, to whom I have only been communicating with via text or Facebook because I am too frazzled to hold an intelligible conversation, I’m also sorry that at the moment it’s all about ME!
  •  Bam Bam’s prep teacher and principal who probably think I am a raving lunatic for repeatedly bailing them up and interrogating them regarding schooling in a region they have no idea about,
  •  My boys, for my absolute and complete lack of patience, attention and tolerance for anything other than perfect behaviour. You have been so good considering the circumstances and I hope one day you come to know that all of this is because your dad and I want to make a better life for you and your sister.
  •  Pebbles, for not being able to just sit and gaze at you for hours on end. Please know that this is my most heartfelt desire.
  •  The Man, for wanting to stab you multiple times, several times a day. I have been reassured this is a completely normal response to these times of high stress but I’m sure that’s cold comfort to you right now. I know you are stressed too, and it’s not your fault you are really effing annoying. Love you muchly.
  • My body, for not looking after you properly and for not getting enough sleep, for eating crap and for expecting too much of you. Not only are you getting me about but you are also trying your hardest to nourish another human and you’re doing a top job under the circumstances.

I must remember that this time shall soon pass. The angst and effort will all be worth it. I look forward to being able to relax and enjoy a long desired lifestyle change with my family.

 Have you ever made a major relocation? How did you survive? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! 

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