A new home for Née Say

Hello and welcome to my new space!

Like me, this site is still a work in progress but I hope you like the new look so far and will stick with me while I continue to grow – both blogwise and personally.

I struggled with deciding on a look and feel for my new site so I looked to what inspired me, and my writing, and I didn’t have to look far.

The menagerie – my husband, my boys, my pets, are my life. They are the centre of my world and I, theirs.

So, why a tree?

The tree is a very common icon on the web. I find it interesting that such a solid symbol of nature is often used to represent a presence in the virtual world. But this isn’t a philosophy lesson…

My point is that trees are prominent features in the branding of many blogs and brands and I must admit this made me hesitant to follow the trend. Besides, most people would struggle to grasp the link between my blog and a tree.

However, many of my friends and followers will know that I have a slightly unnatural obsession with a tree. Not just any tree, mind you, this tree:

It’s a gorgeous Queensland bottle tree which stands proudly in our front yard. I waffle on a bit here about my love of our front yard and it’s shady inhabitants but essentially, this tree signifies for me our lives for the past 10yrs. This tree has silently witnessed so many changes, most important of which is the growth of our little family. Everyday this tree watches, shades and is involved in my boys’ outside play. It will forever be etched in their childhood memories. To me it is so much more than just a lovely tree.

As for the lion & the monkey… Well they represent my menagerie and symbolise the two most integral characters: The Wilful One & Bam Bam.

Ironically, I didn’t realise when I chose jungle animals for each of the boys’ first birthday cakes that they would be self fulfilling prophecies. First born Wilful One had a monkey. So appropriate then as a cheeky toddler and now as a quick witted, fast talking 5yr old who loves to perform. Then came Bam Bam who had a lion. So fitting looking back as he is fearless, loyal and likes to growl – ALOT. He will forever be our little lion man.

So there you have it, the method behind my madness!

I must say a big thanks to Michelle at Little Hero Hosting and Designs for all her generosity, work and patience in helping me get here.

P.S. If you find any bugs please let me know!!

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