Making the most of the mundane


Same shit, different day


General consensus seems to be that many bloggers, particularly those who also happen to be mothers, write predominately about the mundane.

And hey, why wouldn’t they? Mrs Woog is absolute proof that the every day bits of life are a very effective source of inspiration.

I reckon I already do okay in the mundane stakes since all I blog about is me, the kids and analyse the minutia of life. But nevertheless, I’ve decided I want to up the ante.

I’ve decided to set myself a little creative writing challenge. It shall be called Monday’s Minutia and I will aim to write a post each Monday about a mundane subject, endeavouring of course, to make the topic at least mildly entertaining.

For the sake of ease and inspiration I’ll select my topics alphabetically, at least to start with.

Mundane, I can do. Consistency, not so much.

If there is interest and others would like to play along, I may even start a linky thingy. Let me know if you are keen. I mean, who wouldn’t want an excuse to make a meme out of the mundane?

I’ll start next week and would love to hear your suggestions for topics! 

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