Is it a balloon or a ball? {Review & Giveaway}

My boys love balloons. When I say love, I mean REALLY love.  At any given time there can be a number of balloons found doting their room in various stages of deflation.


Can you find four balloons  in amongst the chaos?

Unlike my bestie, Spaghetti, who is completely balloon-phobic, I don’t mind the kids having their balloons but it drives me nuts when they burst!

Aside from my lack of pelvic floor control when startled, the bits go everywhere and I’m always worried Bam Bam or the cat will choke.

Enter the balloon ball!  When I saw these on the Finlee & Me Facebook page, I knew they were made just for us!!

The balloon ball is simply a material cover, turning your balloon into a lightweight ball. It’s shaped to fit a standard balloon perfectly once inflated and they come in lots of groovy patterns and colours.






The boys loved it and even though the material did add a little weight to the balloon they were still able to play their fave games including balloon punch, piggy in the middle & the good ole “keep the balloon from hitting the floor” game.

The balloon that we put into the ball has lasted much longer than usual as it is protected from moisture and sharp objects. The Wilful One also loves it because of it’s great colours.

Much more interesting that your normal garden variety balloon!


The lovely Ange from Finlee & Me has 4 balloon balls to give away to some lucky Née Say readers.

Just tell me what game your kids play that drives you nuts. 

The four most creative answers will score a balloon ball! 

To see what other great toys and kids products Finlee and Me stock, visit their online store or like their Facebook page for regular updates. 






Contact me with your postal details so I can organise for your balloon balls to be sent out!

Not so fine print:
  • Open to Australia residents only.
  • Giveaway opens 7.30am EST 26/6/2012. Closes 7pm EST 3/6/2012.
  • Winner announced here on this blog & contacted via email.
    If no response within 7 days, winner will be redrawn.
  • Judges decision on winning entries is final.
  • Finlee & Me provided balloon balls for the purposes of review & giveaway.
    I have not been paid for this gig. All opinions are my own. Always.
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  1. My children are obsessed with balloons… I actively avoid balloon give-awayers in shopping centres because I hate it when they burst but I may just let them spoil my little cherubs if I knew we had a balloon cover waiting at home! They are gorgeous!

    My sons love to play “postman” where they rip/cut up millions of pieces of paper and “deliver” them all around the house. Drives. Me. NUTSO!!!!
    Misha – TheBlingBuoy recently posted..SliceMy Profile

  2. Kim-Marie says:

    Wow! What a cool idea! My son still loves balloons and he turned 8 in April.

    Last Xmas, we had a special trip, just the two of us, into town on the bus. We popped into my office to say hello, and then we went to David Jones, both with cameras in hand to look at the Xmas windows. He took photos of the windows, and I took photos of him taking photos – as you do.

    We popped up to see Santa’s Cave. The queue for photographs was longer than Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes, so we decided not to stop, but he was thrilled to be given a balloon by an elf.

    We carted that balloon all over town on our way to the bus stop. We got it safely from the city on the bus. We managed to keep it secure at the busy intersection where our bus stopped.

    We tied it very securely to his scooter handlebars and scooted safely all the way home.

    But alas, as we were in sight of our home, just at the building next to our house, an unfortunate incident occurred. He fell off his scooter, the balloon string snapped and Mr Balloony headed off into outer space.

    The floods of tears were so strong, I started looking for wood to build an ark. Mr Balloony wasn’t just a balloon – he was his new friend. Bless. We rescued the string and put it in safely in a keepsake box.

    Daddy rescued the day by purchasing a big foil balloon on the way home. We still have that balloon today.

    Safe to say, the kid loves balloons! x
    Kim-Marie recently posted..Holiday Movies: Ice Age 4 and BraveMy Profile

  3. Penny says:

    Game that drives me nuts.. Hmm, I’d say the jumping on the trampoine calling ‘weeee’, in their loudest of voices, while Dad’s asleep because of night shift annoying. I run out and scream ‘will you kids be quiet, Daddy is trying to sleep.’ Guess who woke Daddy up? Oppsie.

    Thos balloon covers would be perfect for the girls. They adore balloons and those cover are funk-y!
    Penny recently posted..The Birthing Suite Continued (Short Tale Tuesday)My Profile

  4. Kate says:

    What a fabulous idea!! My kids also love balloons.. Helium or plain they will hang onto them for weeks if they don’t pop… Even if they are deflated.

    Hmm annoying games.. Using our toy wheelie bin, filling it with things from one child’s room & emptying it at the “dump”.. Usually the toy room, other childs room or the formal lounge room.

    • Née Say says:

      Oh yes, my guys do the rubbish thing using empty nappy boxes they pretend are garbage trucks. No wonder our house looks like a tip!

  5. Salz says:

    what a great idea. Balloons are loved by every kids i would think.

    As for what game my kids play that I hate. Slides. My 3 year old will pull the couch cushions off the couch to make a slide. and then slide down it. then it will fall onto the ground and she wont pick it up. So i will have a bare couch.
    Salz recently posted..Posse of BloggersMy Profile

  6. Oh I have seen these! I too hate balloons, but my daughter loves them and we often have them floating around the room until she bites into it and pops it.. or bounces on them around the room and then pops them!

    My daughters favourite game is spinning. She spins round and around and around until she is too dizzy. We have had a cracked tooth and a blood nose because of it. But it doesn’t stop her spinning and spinning.. it makes me dizzy just writing this!
    Yvette Bowyer @ DTlilsquirts recently posted..Ranty Boots #1My Profile

  7. Grace says:

    What a fabulous idea!

    My mum bought the twins an automated truck and bus that make a helluva lotta noise! They drive me bonkers with the loud music and flashing lights and zoom around everywhere.

    Thanks, mum. I think she’s paying me back for all off my crazy, rebellious teen years 😉
    Grace recently posted..Finally…My Profile

    • Née Say says:

      Oh yes, the noisy present from a relative. I know them well. My boys have lots of aunts and pseudo-aunts who love buying things with bells and whistles, literally!

  8. I had something like one of these balloon balls when I was a kid! They are very cool!!

    We have a long wide hall way and my two boys love racing their 3 wheel trikes up and down it in the very early hours of the morning..especially on the weekends.. lol!! they think its mint~ it drives me batty!!
    Mum’s the Word recently posted..Targets Biggest Toy SaleMy Profile

  9. I think balloons can be fun..until someone busts theirs and then there’s a fight. I always have a balloon or 5 in a drawer here for the grandkids as balloons are a huge distraction if needed. I like them playing indoors balancing a balloon on a tennis raquet.
    What I hate…any noisy toy without an off button.
    Here from #TeamIbot
    Denyse x
    Denyse Whelan Education Specialist recently posted..Do You Give A Gonski?My Profile

  10. Love this idea, in theory, but please don’t pick me to win as seriously I can’t STAND balloons and even in a cover don’t think I could cope.

    Not sure what it is… the noise, the bursting, the mess, the annoyance of having them bounced at my head…?
    Renee | About a Bugg recently posted..EnoughMy Profile

  11. My boys love to play – How many times can we get mum to stand on our sharp hidden LEGO pieces! Or where can we hide Lego that Mum won’t think to look! They hide them under bath mats, in the oven (yes I may have melted some due to not thinking to check it for Lego!) in my bed under the doona, in my ugg boots – Yep they still hurt!!

  12. Cate says:

    What a coincidence- I was just trying to describe balloon balls to my Mum yesterday as my son got given a balloon after his blood test. Perfect timing!
    At the moment my son’s favourite ‘game’ is to empty everything from the toy box, the cupboards, the coffee table… He doesn’t do it gently either- he throws them behind himself with all his mite. A typical one year old!

  13. Michelle V says:

    I have three daughters and they all love to play ‘hair-dressers’. This involves me as the model, and them as the hair-dresser. Then ensues a series of pulling, ripping, tangling, and basically destroying my hair for as long as I can possibly stand it. I hate having my hair touched as a rule, so this game is reeaallyy annoying for me :)

  14. Trish says:

    What a great idea. My little balloon lover thinks balloons make a perfect whoopie cushion and he keeps trying to prank me into sitting on one.
    Next favourite game is to pop his brothers balloon.

  15. Stacey-Lee says:

    Not a fan of the balloon or the tears when they burst or worse, when one child manages to score one from somewhere and the other two fight them for it .. yes 11yr old included! I once had a stash for such times but they found em, all gone in one fowl swoop. Must remember to get more and hide them better! I think these covers are awesome and could definitely help those retched things last longer cos even though I don’t like em the kids LOVE em.

    Game that my kidlets play that drives me NUTS, besides let’s fight over the solitary balloon?, the younger two LOVE to play 4wding, as in a garden cart with one in it and one maneuvering the cart down steps, through muddy puddles but most annoying around in the small front garden squashing all my plants when they have near an acre of a open backyard (with some awesome hills) to play it in!
    Stacey-Lee recently posted..Take A Step Back In Order To Move ForwardMy Profile

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