Alarmed but not alert


I’ve confessed before how I’m always late and am definitely not a morning person. I have a terrible penchant for hitting “snooze”, with little respect for alarm clocks and the time they dictate the day must start. Although they may be set in the evening with the best intentions, for me, it doesn’t usually translate into action in the morning!

My husband is the exact opposite. Always wakes early and hates to be late. To the point where his phone alarm is set 8 minutes after his alarm clock as a “back up”. His phone alarm time also takes into consideration allocated snoozing time!

That’s not living, Daniel!!

It gets worse. You know how on digital alarm clocks there is an indicator light to show AM from PM? Well, The Man has to flick between the current time and the alarm to make sure he’s got it set correctly. He even says it out loud as he goes:

“AM” flick “PM”

“AM” flick “PM”

“AM” flick “PM”

Three times bare minimum. God help me if he gets interrupted and has to start over.

This little ritual has  happened every work night for as long as I remember. I’m not sure at what point there was an alarm malfunction to trigger this OCD ritual but it drives me beyond crazy.

Almost as crazy as the alarm actually going off at 4.30am… AND 4.38am!

Does your partner have any OCD tendencies that drive you a little crazy?

Blogging on Tuesday with Diary of a SAHM because that’s how I roll…

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28 responses to Alarmed but not alert

  1. MsMandie

    Oh where do I start! Mr. Mandie likes things in lines. He also likes me to straighten his tops up after he has put them on (he likes the seams in line on his shoulders – the top sits best then, you see?)

  2. Lisa @ Mummy's Undeserved Blessings

    My hubby does not have OCD but he is pretty obsessed with being on time. He hates that our watches are almost 10 mins apart..His is fast, mine is a bit slow. It drives him crazy (and I think it is funny).

    • Née Say Post Author

      I think it’s funny, too! It used to drive my husband crazy that my car clock was 5 minutes out & I’d never let him change it. Perhaps that was part of the reason he was so keen to get me a new car? ;P

  3. Rhianna

    Ahahahahaha. That is awesome! I am a terribly late person as well but after years of
    Motherhood I am awake in an instant. Snoozing is no longer an option. Getting up before the kids is one of the few me times I get in the day. I just love your image as well

    • Née Say Post Author

      Thanks Rhi :) I’m just starting to realise the benefit of getting up before the kids although I’m not entirely convinced the payoff is worth sacrificing a few extra moments in bed!


    Well there are a few…like sleeping through every alarm possible…or needing to be woken at least an hour earlier… Ugh!
    Wish I had a solution to help you! x

    • Née Say Post Author

      Sleeping through an alarm is quite a trick! I don’t recommend house intruders or any emergency situations while he is sleeping!!!

  5. Ai Sakura

    Hmm not that I can think of at the moment but when I was living alone I had a Lil OCD quirk too. I had to check my door knob and shake my locked door at least 10 times to make sure that it was actually secured when I left home. So paranoid that I’d leave home with thr door unlocked!

    • Née Say Post Author

      I’m a bit like this with the door actually! Trying to get out of the door with 2 kids, 3 bags, making sure you have the keys but don’t let the dogs in – I find I get in the car & think “did I turn the lock?”. I often have to go back to check but I always have!

  6. Ames

    My mister is the same with the alarm. Shocking! He’s also anal about the dishwasher being packed a certain way. That doesn’t bother me that much though as I hate packing the dishwasher :)

    • Née Say Post Author

      I can tend to be a bit anal with the dishwasher stacking. The Man just chucks things in & it drives me nuts! I guess we all have our little hang ups!!

  7. Jess

    Boatman is not OCD But I am! I will check multiple times to make sure the alarm is set just right and then I’ll still stress about it after I go to sleep!

    • Née Say Post Author

      Really Jess?! I wouldn’t of picked you for an alarm checker! Proves it can happen to the best of us 😉

  8. Yvette @ DTlilsquirts

    oh wow!! I hate being late and i hate the snooze button! My husband sets his alarm for 5am and will snooze til as late at 5.45!! it fricking gets on my nerves as i’d rather that extra 45 mins ASLEEP than constantly being woken out of a light sleep.. bugs the crap out of me!!!

    Though I am an early riser, as soon as the alarm goes off I have to get up.. hate lying in bed waiting for the day to start!! :)

    Not OCD with the alarm button…. interesting..


    • Née Say Post Author

      Hahaha lucky your husband & I don’t live together or we may never get up! I’ve been know to hit snooze for over an hour. I sleep best in the early morning and hate having to get out of bed after being woken from a really deep sleep. I wish I was an early riser like you!

  9. Kate

    Oh absolutely! My hubby has to have the toilet roll the correct way every time.. Also needs to switch they’ve off at night on exactly volume 4, & on ch 7 ready for his news in the morning. I’m sure he has more OCD thing but I can’t remember them all at the moment! Lucky we love them anyway! :-)

    • Née Say Post Author

      I’m on his side with the toilet roll – definitely can’t be pulled down the wall! The volume thing is a bit weird but I also switch the kids channel on before I turn the telly off so I don’t have to fumble around with the remote in my sleepy state in the morning! Perhaps I’m actually more OCD than my husband!

  10. Anne @ Domesblissity

    Oooh yeah baby and guess what? I don’t have to put up with it anymore! He’d set the alarm for 6am damn it and then about another 20 alarms after that until about 7:45am when he would actually awaken, jump in the shower and all hell would break loose because he couldn’t find clothes, keys, wallet, lunch, shoes, belt, blah, blah, blah. Thanks for reminding me of this Nee. I’ll remember it when I start to think I might actually miss him! LOL Hope things get better for you my love.

    Anne xx

    • Née Say Post Author

      Is there a deeper story behind this Anne that I’m missing? We need to catch up!

  11. Jayne

    My goodness … Why are all your comments saying their partners are OCD and want shirts folded straight and things to be lined up.
    My hubby is a neat person trapped in a messy person’s body and it kills me!! I love things to be in order, the cushions on a certain angle, photo frames in perfect place, dishwasher packed a certain way. Ever since I started my maternity leave the fact that my other half works from home kills me as I am constantly clearing his path of destruction!!

    Vent over !! hehe

    • Née Say Post Author

      hahaha Maybe your hubby should of been the one to comment on this post? ;P Although as I’ve been responding to the other comments I’ve realised I have more in common with everyone’s OCD husbands than my man actually does! I do like the dishwasher packed a certain way and am constantly clearing the path of destruction, as you so accurately call it! Obviously we all have our own OCD tendencies!! x

  12. BossyMummy

    He he – you weren’t late with this post, first link! I totally get your husband though, I have 6 alarms set on my phone each morning and my back up is on my watch. My husband is the type that doesn’t get up til 5 minutes before he has to leave – I hate that!!!!


    • Née Say Post Author

      First time for everything 😉 6 alarms?! My goodness! I wish I could be so disciplined.

  13. Kell (Mad Mummas Sweet Randoms)

    I am exactly like your husband, actually so is mine. I think after repeatedly being late for oh lets just say everything, I had to change something. Now because we both check and flick we aren’t ever running behind (well hardly ever).

    • Née Say Post Author

      I definitely need to move more in this direction. Late for everything is not cool. At least when I’m going somewhere with The Man I’m on time 😉

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