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{Monday’s Minutia} Ant-agonists


Hello! Welcome to the inaugural Monday’s Minutia, my new weekly post about making the most of the mundane! If you’d like to play along, link your post below. I’m kicking off in alphabetical order (but no need for you to!)

We have quite a collection of ant species at our place.

In the front yard a colony a big black shiny ants fight a constant turf war with any army of the iconic picnic party poopers – green ants.

It’s actually quite an interesting spectacle watching them move their nests around after the latest territorial dispute (or depending on where we have sprayed!). At the moment, to the relief of puppies & kids alike, they have all moved out to the front footpath so it is safe to sit on the grass again!

In the backyard, we have these teeny tiny dark brown ants who seem innocuous enough until they swarm you whilst you are laying by the pool. They sting like buggery and are near impossible to eradicate.

However, the most pesky of them all is without a doubt the common black ant that is constantly trying to gain a foothold in my kitchen.

They are the bane of the sugar pot, the biscuit barrel and the kid’s panadol. They swarm on any crumb left out and have even taken to bathing in our kettle. Our little colony seem quite discerning as well, much preferring the nutella over the macadamia honey (can’t blame them really).

The final straw, however, was the invasion of my marshmallows. I’d manage to spare some from the clutches of the greedy children and they had a date with a hot chocolate the other night. Just as I was about to plop that squishy pillow of sugary goodness into my drink, I spotted it. The intruder. I tried to brush it off but it was immediately replaced by a comrade. Then another and another. I realised that they had infiltrated the packet and were covering every single marshmallow I had left.

In disgust I threw the packet away. They may have won this battle, but they certainly haven’t won the war!!!

Do you have an ant problem at your place? Have they ruined any special plans for you?